About Lucia Grosaru

Lucia Grosaru


Owner of Psychology Corner, Psychologist MA

Lucia Grosaru is the author of Psychology Corner.

Clinical Psychologist | Integrative Psychotherapist | Rorschach Test Specialist

Trainer | Speaker | Critical Thinking and Assertiveness Advocate

President and Founding Member of the Romanian “Sic Cogito” Institute , Founding Member of The Romanian Center of Psychology and a Founding Editor of The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience. Lucia is an integrative psychotherapist, clinical psychologist  and  a Certified Rorschach Inkblot Test Specialist (Method: Scuola Romana Rorschach, Italy).

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You can also find out more about Lucia’s activity on the following webpages:

Personal Webpage: www.luciagrosaru.ro

The Romanian Center of Psychology: www.centruldepsihologie.com

The Romanian “Sic Cogito” Institute: www.siccogito.com

IRSC Publishing: www.irscpublishing.com