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Famous Swiss Psychologists

Photo source: Soul Therapy Now

Psychology Corner starts this year with an article presenting the main Swiss contributors in the field of psychology. Carl Jung, Jean Piaget, Hermann Rorschach and Max Lüscher have changed the way we understand and approach theory, development and diagnosis in psychology.

Famous French Psychologists


Photo source: Waring Historical Library

Psychology Corner has started its journey presenting you with an article called “Famous Romanian Psychologists”. We have decided to make a habit out of this and once in a while to choose a nationality and dedicate an article to its most famous psychologists or contributors to the field.

This time we have focused our attention on France, for its psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists have brought a new light upon developmental psychology, psychopathology and other significant branches.

Although far from being a full presentation of their work, this article aims towards creating a general view upon the most distinguished French scientists that have enriched the domain of psychology with their discoveries.

Famous Romanian Psychologists

Psihologi Romani

Photo © Razvan Tulai

Psychology, as a distinct scientific field, has been introduced to Romania in 1893 by Eduard Gruber, but what seemed to be a promising start has been cut short in the 1970s by the former politic regime. For almost 20 years, Romanian psychologists had to choose between giving up psychology (and perhaps reorient towards philosophy and educational sciences) and practicing it in an underground manner. Psychology was re-instituted as an academic discipline in 1990 and step by step recovered. Nowadays, the new generations of psychologists are ready to take over and complete the works of their predecessors and also open new directions of research.