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The Dark Psychology Behind Pokémon Go

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Let me start this article by saying that I do consider the technology related to games and apps like Pokémon Go – i.e. augmented reality – to be a really wonderful tool of modern civilization, that technological and scientific advancement should be the focus of mankind and the use of products derived from these technologies should be available for responsible mass use. Also, I do recognize the advantages of including technology as means to motivate or guide the achievement of personal or professional goals and their power to enhance social interaction, by adding new dimensions to human-to-human, human-to-animal or human-environment connection.

Celebrate Love – Celebrate All Emotions

PC-CL-BImageToday, a significant number of people all over the world celebrate the feeling of love, in the form of Valentine’s Day. And while February the 14th became a globally recognizable symbol for love, along with its teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates and cards, many other days from the calendar have been dedicated by nations, religions and other types of groups of people to this one specific feeling, love.