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Gun Ownership is Not The Problem. Antisocial Behavior On The Rise is.

The world is going yet again through a period in which recent mass violence events place gun ownership and gun control issues on the priority list of both governments and concerned citizens and thousands of heated official and informal debates occur as a result.

This is the first time I decide to share my view on the subject, since it seems to me that we’re looking at the wrong problem, just to serve political and individual interests.

On ‘Meeting’ Caitlyn Jenner

I need to convey right from the start that this is not a psychological interpretation of anything, just my reaction and perspective after seeing the preview for the next Vanity Fair issue that features on the cover a new, but at the same time, familiar face, Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner.

The magazine’s 22-page cover story includes photos of Caitlyn taken by legendary Annie Leibovitz and new details on the transition.

I will keep this post short, for I only want to express some of my thoughts and feelings regarding the transformation we publicly witnessed in the last year or so.