On ‘Meeting’ Caitlyn Jenner

I need to convey right from the start that this is not a psychological interpretation of anything, just my reaction and perspective after seeing the preview for the next Vanity Fair issue that features on the cover a new, but at the same time, familiar face, Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner.

The magazine’s 22-page cover story includes photos of Caitlyn taken by legendary Annie Leibovitz and new details on the transition.

I will keep this post short, for I only want to express some of my thoughts and feelings regarding the transformation we publicly witnessed in the last year or so.

I am extremely happy to have met Caitlyn today. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought the transition will take a little longer, though not too long, given the fact that I understood Bruce was ready and anxious to live his life the way he truly felt he should and most likely, would make him happy.

The main reason this makes me happy is the great example I think he sets for everybody receptive to a life lesson. So many people give up on their goals, dreams or plans, decide it won’t make any difference if they accomplish them or not or simply believe they are not entitled to happiness, especially when their own happiness might affect other people’s (though in a secondary mode).

So many people say they are already too far into a matter that they consider it unrealistic to try and change it, so many think they are too old to even take up a new hobby so why would they even bother to embark on new adventures. Some say it is too late for them to get a divorce or end a relationship, because too much time has passed, so many aspects are now involved in the matter and that makes things difficult to sort out. And also, there are so many people denying their right to happiness, sometimes not even knowing what exactly ‘happiness’ would mean to them. And I believe one shouldn’t do that. As long as you do not directly hurt anyone else in the process, there is no point in not following our true path and not expressing our true self.

I really enjoy life stories like this. People who defy everything in their path to happiness and understand they themselves are the person who they should mainly please or get approval from.

She is beautiful and she exults confidence. Who wouldn’t want to feel that or express support for a person so faithful to their duty toward themselves?

Giving up on all main defenses, turning vulnerability into confidence and living the You you know you are. Courageous and cleverly done.

 Nice to meet you, Caitlyn.

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