About Lucia Grosaru

Hi, I'm Lucia, the author of Psychology Corner.

First things first: Thank you for your visit on the website. I hope you enjoyed the article that first brought you in this part of the internet. And since you're on the About page, I understand you would like a bit of information regarding the person who wrote the text you just read... that would be me. Okay. Here's the scoop.

Labels that describe me professionally:

Clinical Psychologist | Integrative Psychotherapist | Rorschach Test Specialist

Trainer | Professional Speaker | Critical Thinking and Assertiveness Advocate

I like the last one best.

Labels that describe me academically

Psychology MA (Cognitive Psychodiagnosis and Psychological Counseling)

About my Activity, in a nutshell

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with 10+ years experience in Assertiveness Training. Thousands of people have attended my online courses and live events and that is great since my main goal is to help people develop their inner potential and achieve their personal and professional goals through methods that promote self-awareness,  personal agency, authenticity and independence. I promote all things Assertiveness and Critical Thinking because I believe individual and social well-being ultimately stem from an authentic, reason-driven existence. I now blog and create online courses on these topics as well.

About Psychology Corner

I started it in 2008 (more than 10 years ago, wow!). It's where I mainly blog about Critical Thinking, Assertiveness and various psychology-related aspects applied to everyday life. I provide information, analyze, debunk, make fun of some things, have fun with others, take crazy serious things that don't seem as serious to many other people and basically put in writing whatever I feel like sharing through a psych-ish lense. Although I try to provide evidence-based and relevant information most of the time, Psychology Corner is a blog and mainly hosts (and will continue hosting), my opinion on various things. I incline to think it's a reasonably well-informed opinion, but with all the crazy distortions and biases going on in our human minds, I ultimately cannot know for sure if that's the case. I'll continue imagining it is though, unless contradictory data pops up.

Come say 'Hi'

I enjoy interacting with people who share my interests and views and also with those who oppose them, but can offer their opinion in a manner that involves a very low ad-hominem count. Let me know what you think about the topics I wrote about, right here, on Psychology Corner, in the comment sections, or send me an email. You can also say 'Hi' to me on social media or follow what's new on Psychology Corner, using the following links.

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