Assertive Communication: Build The Independent You | ONLINE COURSE


Communication Skills and Assertiveness Basics. Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. Improve your Social Skills.

Learn the most effective style of communication and become more independent in your thinking, your emotions, and your social interactions.

Start building the Independent You right now through Assertive Communication.

  • Learn how to guide your thinking in a way that boosts your confidence and self-esteem and that allows you to regulate your emotions better
  • Learn how to build healthier relationships
  • Communicate your opinions openly
  • Deal with criticism and conflict efficiently
  • Say NO and create time for the goals that truly matter to you

Regain the confidence in your inner power to create the future you want.

Assertive Communication is one of the top skills that people want to learn how to master, due to its extensive applications in both personal and professional contexts. Assertiveness is the key to an authentic and independent life.

Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that rely on assertive principles allow you to break free from toxic contexts and focus on your own significant goals.

Learn how to activate The Assertive Style of Communication and you will be able to approach personal and professional contexts in a confident, goal-oriented manner.

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn how to activate The Assertive Style of Communication in order to increase their cognitive, emotional, and relational independence.

While considering the multi-dimensional aspect of Assertiveness, the course will simultaneously address thinking patterns, the understanding of how these patterns shape our emotions, and ultimately, how to project these inner events into observable behaviors, such as verbal and non-verbal communication and the overall management of social relationships.

We will first take a look at what Assertiveness is, the reasons why you should learn this complex skill, its benefits, and when to use it.

Then we will zoom in on each of the five communication styles so that you will be able to identify them in yourself and others.

We will then address the Assertive Rights or Assertive Principles and that will mark the passage to the practical part of the course.

You will learn how to identify and eliminate the main cognitive distortions and how thoughts and emotions are linked in the assertive realm.

Then we will get to the really interesting part, the actual techniques and strategies of the Assertive Style of Communication.

You will learn how to communicate in a more authentic and confident manner, how to efficiently deal with criticism and conflict, how to provide constructive feedback, and how to make sure that your verbal message matches the non-verbal one.

And then you’ll be ready to go. The foundation for the Independent you would have been laid and you will have the main skills to start creating the life you want.

What you will learn:

  • Identify the main five communication styles in yourself and others.
  • Know your assertive rights.
  • Identify and manage ten main cognitive distortions.
  • Express your emotions in an assertive manner.
  • Say “No” to unreasonable requests assertively.
  • Use assertiveness techniques in personal and professional communication contexts.
  • Provide constructive feedback.
  • Deal with criticism assertively.
  • Identify and activate assertive nonverbal cues.

Watch this course now and learn how to activate The Assertive Style of Communication in order to increase your cognitive, emotional, and relational independence.

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