Bad News for Rex Heuermann | Long Island Serial Killer Case

The bad news for Rex Heuermann* is that no matter how many atrocious murders will be attributed to him, it is highly likely that he will never be welcomed into the Serial Killers Hall of Fame when it comes to the public’s fascination with the case. That’s the only thing a narcissist like him would be interested in gaining from this whole context, and it’s highly likely that he won’t get it.

The case is now active and we’re all interested but this guy is the kind of unlikable coward whose actions do not seem to have been anything but brutality and sadism, with no “code” or intelligent design behind them.

MO and signature — if the case — may be the only things of interest for the public, but there seem to be no grand mysteries to unlock regarding his psyche.

We’ve seen him talk — no charisma, no intelligent remarks, no catch. A successful manipulator only because he targeted the vulnerable.

He makes me think of John Wayne Gacy, but even Gacy had the Clown persona to be factored into the analysis. From what we know so far, Heuermann will go down in history as evil and lucky, but otherwise plain.

* If it turns out that he is indeed the #LISK — I personally believe he is the right guy though.

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