Delivering Constructive Criticism: The Assertive Way | ONLINE COURSE

Communication Skills and Assertiveness Strategy. Interpersonal Feedback. Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence.

Learn how to make your critical opinions count in the social environment.

Deliver Criticism Effectively through this Assertive Communication Strategy.

  • Learn to deliver feedback that matters and that boosts self-esteem, confidence and social trust levels.
  • Learn how to think about criticism and criticism delivery in a way that takes both your rights and the rights of others into account.
  • Communicate your helpful opinions openly and enjoy more authentic and healthier relationships.

Unlock the mindset and communication skills that allow you to create personal and social environments that facilitate individual and social growth.

Largely accepted as the most efficient mindset and communication style, Assertiveness provides the best guidelines we know for dealing with most personal and professional contexts. Delivery of criticism makes no exception.

The 4-Stage Assertive Strategy exclusively presented in this course addresses the entire process of Constructive Criticism Delivery, from thoughts to emotions to behaviors, and aims at providing a framework in which the individual actively and responsibly changes the inner and external environment for the better, through carefully crafted disclosure of opinion.

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn how to efficiently deliver meaningful Criticism and transform negative feedback into a powerful social and self-development tool.

Drawing on the multi-dimensional character of Assertiveness, the course addresses the activation of the assertive traits on three main levels: cognitive, emotional and behavioral, thus creating an extended framework for understanding, analyzing and delivering both positive and negative feedback.

The course is divided in two parts: An introductory, theoretical segment, in which we will take a close look at feedback delivery in the assertive context, what Criticism is and isn’t and the way in which all of these elements influence constructive criticism delivery. The second part is a more practical one and it is where you will discover, step-by-step, The Assertive Strategy For Delivering Constructive Criticism.

The Assertive Strategy For Constructive Criticism Delivery includes four Stages – 

The Attitude toward Criticism Delivery, Planning and Formulating the Critical Message, The Analysis of the Critical Message and the Delivery and Follow-Up processes, each of them comprising more steps to help create and activate the cognitive, emotional or behavioral traits that generate the most efficient communication techniques to convey helpful critical messages.

Then you will be ready to start implementing the Assertive Strategy, make positive changes in the world around you and motivate both yourself and others to achieve the desired personal and professional goals and build the life you want.

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