“The Power of Time Perception” – Book Review

You will never think about the 24-hour day the same once you finish reading this book! Jean Paul Zogby’s “The Power of Time Perception” is the mother-load when it comes to up-to-date evidence-based information on how we experience time and what can be done in order to enhance the satisfaction of having lived each moment to the fullest.

“The Power of Time Perception” is physics, psychology, neuroscience, and responsible self-help material, all rolled into one! It’s one of the best reviews and meta-analyses available to the general public on the topic of time perception and management.

To be fully honest, when Jean Paul invited me to read and review the book, I was rather expecting the not-so-out-of-the-ordinary self-help book on time management and although I did like the main presentation and am aware of the significance of promoting and learning proper time management skills, my excitement level for this read was, in the very beginning, of the average kind. But that level increased rapidly when he wrote to me that he used more than 160 scientific papers as basis for the book and also provided me with a glimpse into the way he approaches various scientific subjects. So I read.

I cannot tell you how inspirational “The Power of Time Perception” is from the very beginning. It makes you aware of the most precious, yet not replenishable resource available to man, it provides various ways to understand, cherish and use it more efficiently, so that at the end of “those few decades that make up our life” we will look back and be satisfied with what we’ve managed to accomplish as inhabitants of “this rock that is floating in space, we call Earth”.

The 13 Chapters of the book take the reader on an exciting journey through aspects that make up a strong  understanding of core elements of time-related subjects, such as the cultural perspective of time, the way we experience the present, the past and the future, the neurochemistry of time perception, time distortions, the factors that influence time perception, a journey which ends with a listing of recommendations that draw from the first blocks of information, that will help all of us modify beliefs and behaviors in such a way that most of our life experiences will be positive, memorable and contribute to our overall well-being and life satisfaction.

The friendly and accessible writing style combines significant scientific information with examples, explanations, and metaphors that will help the reader understand and assimilate the content of the book in a way that makes sense for one’s everyday life.

I think this is one of the most important features of the book: it connects the segments of life on Earth, individual dynamic and social interactions, as well as astronomical and historical aspects, into one coherent and comprehensive perspective on life. And time is at the core of it, binding everything together. It gives you the impression that if you deal with the biggest illusion of all, TIME, many other doors will be unlocked and many of the big answers will pour out.

From the vantage point of a mere human being, the ability to control time perception and factor it into our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors becomes one of the most important skills we can achieve.

For me, the chapter about the way our emotions affect time perception holds a powerful potential for both thought and emotion regulation, since one can better understand how the emotions we choose shape the overall experience of the present moment and in consequence, that of our entire life.

“The Power of Time Perception” works on building a mindset that promotes a healthy understanding and approach of time in general, but of many other resources that influence our well-being and life-satisfaction as well.

I think Jean Paul Zogby approaches science in a way we all should: get the main scientific information from reliable sources and then work it into your own goals. I think this is quite inspirational in itself. We all fall into the “general public” category for most scientific fields and won’t be able to fully incorporate the details of the immense body of knowledge humankind has acquired so far – and is still acquiring, but we can make use of those significant and specific aspects that directly influence our everyday lives and I do not think we have any excuse or reason not to do so. Some of our fellow men make this easier for us in certain fields, and we can do the same for the fields we understand and know best. Scientific literature reviews, meta-analyses, and ideas on how to put them into practice efficiently are a great way to start and get the knowledge ball rolling.

I was also pleased to find little “hidden gems” in the pages of the book, such as citations of Richard Dawkins, the debunking of practices and beliefs I myself made a goal of debunking – Law of Attraction, multi-tasking, etc, as well as the verses of Dylan Thomas that were also featured in the movie “Interstellar” – “Do not go gently into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”.

I am sure you will also find various subjective “Easter eggs” throughout the book.

In conclusion, read “The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to make Every Second Count” by Jean Paul Zogby if you would like to achieve the understanding and mindset that can help you make the most of every moment of your life. Read it if you want a new perspective on the 24 hours of the day and how you can put all your resources to work more effectively to achieve the goals that are truly meaningful to you. Read it if you want to know more about the inner workings of your mind and how to better regulate your emotions. Oh, and read it if you want to find out how the “work-day” looked like for a dinosaur. 😀

The book is also a great tool if you’re studying psychology, neuroscience or physics.

Time will fly when you read it, but the content of it will stay with you for a long, long time.

The Kindle version of “The Power of Time Perception” is available starting March 31st, but you can pre-order the book here.

P.S. This is not a commercial endorsement deal. I get no commission from the sales of this book.

Update! 27.05.2017 – You can now Download Your Free Copy of Jean Paul Zogby’s “Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Brain Diet” and find out yet another way to Control How Fast Time Runs inside your Brain.

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